The missions department oversees all forms of missions which the ministry undertakes. This includes both local (within Ghana) and international missions (outside Ghana).

Functions of the Missions Department

  • Scouting

    Scouting involves investigating, surveying, exploring and acquiring all the needed information concerning possible mission fields before going for the actual missions

  • Training

    Training and preparing of missionaries for missions. These trainings are done in retreats, and focus on preparing participants adequately for missions.

  • Organizing

    This involves making all arrangements necessary for a successful mission. It includes activities such as securing accommodation, making travel arrangements, mobilizing resources and logistics for all activities on the mission field

  • Fund-raising

    The mission department depends heavily on eternally generated funds to embark on missions. Funds are needed generally to cover cost of travel, costs of organizing retreats, accommodation and feeding expenses, and the running of activities on the mission field. The department also requires funds for its day to day administrative and correspondence tasks

Local Missions

Over the past 22 years since the establishment of the ministry, there have been several mission trips to many parts of Ghana especially the three Northern regions (Northern, Upper East and Upper West). Towns and villages reached include Wa, Tumu, Vieri (all in the Upper West region), Zamashegu, Gbintre, Nbaila, Tochiman, Gushegu (all in the Northern region), and Gbedema, Zeng, Jiningsa, Balerisa, Fumbisi (Upper East region). Other mission destinations have been Koforidua (Eastern region), and Kayefi (Central region).

International Missions And Conferences

EYO has had the privilege of being exposed to international missions over the years. Teams have been sent to Togo, Benin, Mali, Pakistan, India, the USA, France, Uganda, South Sudan, Kenya and Egypt for ministry. These missions were undertaken by few members until May and June 2013 when about 40 students were sent on missions to Liberia and Sierra Leone. We have a prophetic mandate to minister in foreign lands, especially in Asia and Africa. The ministry embark on missions in the following countries this year 2017, South Sudan, Tanzania, Kenya, Rwanda, Gabon, Gambia, Egypt, Nigeria, Gambia, Sierra Leone, Liberia, Benin, Togo and Zimbabwe. Some other trips taken by the mission department have involved participations in conferences in Malaysia, USA, Egypt, South Africa and Kenya as well as mission training programs both within and outside Ghana.

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The outreach department organizes outreaches to senior high schools; prisons, hospitals and communities. These outreaches are organized at least once every month depending on responses received from the various institutions where letters are sent by the ministry.

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This department oversees the coordination of activities across all the branches at the national level. This is as part of the ministry effort, to ensure that there is a continuous growth and bond among the youth at all branches.

The major duties of this department are below:

  • Supervise and monitor all programs and activities in all branches in the tertiary and senior schools

  • They lead in consultation with DDM and other coordinators, to help in the formation of new branches

  • They ensure the spiritual growth and numerical growth of all branches and their members.

  • They are responsible for the training of leaders of all the branches.

  • Ensures that the vision and core values of E.Y.O. are adhered to in all branches.

  • Responsible for organizing Annual General Meeting (A.G.M.) and training programs at such meetings.

  • Supervise the work of all Regional Branch coordinators.

  • Keep,collate and maintain proper records of all branches and submit reports to the DDM and Secretariat from time to time and /or as and when requested.

  • Where there's an assistant, the head will oversee Tertiary branches while the assistant oversees Senior High branches

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The department organizes two major camps every year. These are the International Worship and Intercessory Camp (IWIC)1. This is a fasting camp, and comes off every 4th – 11th July. The other major camp is the International Youth Leadership Camp (IYLC)2 from 27th December to 5th January. Different programs are held every year to nurture and equip the youth spiritually, physically, emotionally, socially and psychologically as they journey through life. These include:

    Akwaaba Conferences

    The main aim of these conferences is to help students lay a good foundation for their tertiary education and career. These conferences are meant for; Students about to enter tertiary institutions; Students in tertiary institutions; Graduates from secondary institutions.

    JHS and SHS Thanksgiving

    This special service brings together school leavers from a number of second cycle institutions in the Greater Accra Metropolis. Over the years; graduates from second cycle institutions have attended this service, and it has been very fruitful. It has provided a forum for building new relationships, introducing them to EYO, and helping to lay a foundation for the future.

    Youth Wake

    Youth Wake is a yearly inspirational musical Programme purposefully designed for renewal, revival and restoration, with the theme “WAKING UP TO YOUR VISION”. The objectives for Youth Wake include; challenging and reviving struggling Christians back to fellowship with other believers and with Christ, and to provide a forum to reunite the EYO family, and to increase public awareness about EYO and what we do.

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The prayer department oversees the spiritual emphasis of the ministry through prayer. It directs and organizes prayer sessions both at the local and at the national level. It also support prayerfully for upcoming programmes like camps, missions, outreaches Moreover, it ensures the smooth facilitations of the activities of the annual fasting and prayer. This help to ensure the personal spiritual growth and enrichment of the members. As part of its mandate, it also collaborate with watch tower and prayer foundation to help intercede for Ghana and other nations.

    Watch Tower

    Watch tower was birthed out during the 2003-2004 December camp. It was an outcome of a challenge thrown by one prophetess called Dr. Bunni Bentie from Nigeria to all the campers concerning a continuous need of praying for nations across the world. It started with one hundred and fifty people as they were led by the Holy Spirit. This challenge call up was meant to intercede for Africa so that Christianity would take over the continent. This initiative actually led to the spiritual directions of embarking on international missions by Excellent Youth Outreach. Watch tower is also meant to collaborate with the national prayer department of Excellent Youth Outreach to help pray into camps.

    Prayer Foundation

    This ensures the teaching and challenging of young Christian adults to get involved in intensive and aggressive, intercessory spiritual warfare on the individual and corporate levels, to enhance spiritual breakthroughs for the advancement of the Gospel on national and international planes.

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Excellent Youth Outreach Music literally called EnYOMM is a Dynamic music ministry aimed at spreading the gospel, presenting Christ to the world through music and to promote gospel albums composed by the group. EnYOMM ministers on various platforms such as: in churches, schools, hospitals, during weddings among others. Its mandate is to exalt Christ in worship wherever we go and by so doing draw men unto Christ Jesus (John 12:32).

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This department is responsible for planning and organizing fundraising programmes and partners briefing meetings. It furnishes partners, stakeholders and the whole ministry about EYO events. Sourcing for partners and handling correspondence.

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This department oversees the smooth administration of the Excellent Youth resource Centre. The coordinator ensures good and tidy environment, identifying the needs and making provision for it. He also ensures that the facilities at the resource Centre are functioning effectively through regular inspection and maintenance culture. This department also embarks on outreaches to Junior and High schools. Moreover, it engages believers in discipleship as it is very necessary in the great commission Jesus Christ commanded us to embark on.

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