Sub/Affiliate Ministries and Organisations


Operation Serve (OS) is a customized mission’s project of the EYO ministry. It weaves evangelism, discipleship and community service into a catalyst which prompts transformation. The vision of OS is to bring about spiritual and social transformation in communities through the power of Christ. The idea was born out of the burden to meet spiritual and developmental (academic, social and others) needs of people in peri-urban and rural communities. In the process, this channels the passion and exuberance of educated youth (recent graduates of a tertiary institution) into active ministry opportunities. During training, recruits are engaged in topics under 4 main areas: Theology and Ministry; Social Action and Psychology; Culture and Ethics and Management and Administration. There are also large doses of team activities to nurture the incarnation of concepts of teamwork, humility and service including team challenges to mock debates amongst others. Legates are afterwards, dispatched to the field for ministry for short term to long-term missions and community transformation. Some of the missions destination embark on by this department are but not limited to Tinsung,Kpatinga, Zamashegu, Tuna 1, Yagaba all in the northern Region of Ghana. Also in the Upper East are Guuta-Gbederinsa and Tuasa in the Upper West of Ghana. This department has so far depatch about seventy four missionaries to various to the aforementioned areas.


This is the wing of EYO that caters for young professionals and past members of EYO fellowships on campus as well as all who passed through the ministry on the various campuses. They meet once a month to fellowship and plan. They also form a strong partnership base and support for the ministry.


This is a non-governmental charitable organization of Excellent Youth Outreach. This is meant to Rescue, Rehabilitate, Educate and Empower Street children, those in defiance activities and other social vices, the abandoned and neglected child. Moreover, this is to help provide them with love and recognition in the communities in which they find themselves. It also seeks to provide scholarship for brilliant but needy children, setting up flagship projects in schools and communities, building and running schools and providing shelter for street children.


This department on a whole is to create and implement strategic projects to help advance the gospel. This sub ministry is also responsible for taking up initiatives, planning, executing and launching projects. It also makes effort to develop fundraising strategies. This department serves as a channel to all the departments aforementioned. It also ensures tasks and duties are executed through project management process and subsequently hand over to a team of competence to carry on with its management.

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This department was established to facilitate business ideas and ensures it successful implementation. The rational is to generate some funds to help support the activities of the ministry. The business idea and its implementation must be in line with our Christian faith and is also guided by trust, integrity, and stewardship towards both consumers and the ministry as well. We do not compromise on the essence of prayer before the commencement of any business idea and its operations.